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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'She' had blood from head to toe

Sulaiman Kamal | 8:09 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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The last fare of his taxi night shift could have come straight out of a horror movie.But it all started normally.

Cabby Ahmad Selamat, 59, had taken a woman from Dover MRT taxi stand to the Sunhaven condominium along Upper Changi Road East.

When the SMRT cab driver arrived at the destination, she paid up and alighted.

Mr Ahmad started to switch off his meter and prepared to go home.

"I was happy that the last passenger got off at Changi because I live in Bedok North," he said.

As he was about to drive off, the female passenger whom he had just dropped off suddenly reappeared, this time with a friend in tow.

Without speaking, the first passenger got into the front seat again while her friend took the back seat.

"It was dark, but I saw that her friend was covered with blood from head to toe. The blood was dripping like (water) after someone gets out of the shower. She got on like nothing had happened.

"She was in knee-length shorts and wearing some kind of top, but it was all torn," said Mr Ahmad.

Unknown to him, "she" was actually a transvestite.

There was so much blood that he could not see what colour the clothes were.

He said: "I was shocked, I kept asking 'What happened?' but they did not answer me."

He described the second passenger as a slim, fair-skinned woman with large eyes and shoulder-length hair.

"They just got in and told me to go to Tampines Block 337," said Mr Ahmad.

When he asked for a street name, they borrowed his mobile phone to call a friend, who told him to go to Tampines Street 32.

"The friend spoke normally on the phone, so I just got on with driving. Everything was normal, except the blood."

Mr Ahmad thought they had been involved in some sort of religious ritual.

"I wasn't nervous because they were not nervous. If someone with all that blood is not scared, why should I be scared?" he said.

10-minute journey

During the 10-minute journey, the two passengers spoke to each other in what sounded to him like Tagalog.

As they spoke, the passenger at the back started to cry.

"I started thinking that I should either call the ambulance or the police," he said.

He didn't have to.

Right after the two passengers alighted at Block 337, his phone suddenly rang.

It was the police on the line.

The officer asked if he had picked up a passenger from Sunhaven, and whether that passenger was covered with blood.

"I said yes, and that's when I started thinking that I had a lot of cleaning to do," said Mr Ahmad.

A few minutes later, five police cars pulled into the carpark.

The two passengers then came back down from the HDB block and gave statements to the police at the ground floor lift landing.

The second passenger had by then changed into a fresh T-shirt, Mr Ahmad observed.

"I saw the police officer bandaging her left hand. There was a deep cut. She was crying softly as she talked to the officer," he said.

About 30 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and the second passenger was taken away.

Mr Ahmad also gave his statement to the police and proceeded to call his wife.

He said: "I told her to bring down Dettol for cleaning. I didn't tell her about the blood; of course she would have been worried."

As it turns out, the "woman" sitting at the back was a 23-year-old man, who has been arrested by the police.

The New Paper understands that he is a Filipino and that he was involved in a stabbing case.

The police told TNP that they received a call about an assault at Sunhaven condo at 9.15pm.

When they arrived, a man was found lying injured at the lift lobby.

The man, believed to be a Caucasian, was taken to Changi General Hospital for medical attention.

His condition is unknown.

The police are investigating.

Info : News


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