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Monday, April 23, 2012

AdilanClub: Girls as young as 15 want to be social escorts

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:59 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

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A the tender age of 15, most girls are still in school, studying hard to obtain good grades.

But Mr Kurt Tay, who owns 4ever Escort Massage 
Agency, said he occasionally receives calls from girls as young as 15 who want to work for him.

Mr Tay, who has been in the business for about two years, said: "I receive such calls from underage girls every few months or so and I will tell them that I'm not interested.

"I don't want to break the law. It's not worth it.

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"Some girls called me and said that they would be 18 in a few months.

"I tell them to turn 18 first and then call me."

So why are these girls keen to become escorts, some of whom end up providing "extra services" to their clients?

The answer is obvious.

It is an easy way for them to earn big bucks, said Mr Tay candidly.

"A client can fork out between $200 and $1,000 to spend an hour with any one of my girls.

"I will then take a cut from her earnings. All she has to do is to keep the client company.

"Of course, it will cost more to take a prettier girl out."

Mr Tay added that his girls have a choice afterwards to "take things further" with their clients.

"These arrangements are purely between the girl and her client. After that, the girls will be tipped by the men and they get to keep the money."

Mr Tay stressed that he only employs girls who are at least 18 years old.

He added that he also scrutinises the identity cards (ICs) of all the girls before signing them on.

Earlier this week, 48 men were charged in court with engaging the services of an underage sex worker.

On March 30, in a separate case, nine men were hauled to court for their alleged involvement with underage Vietnamese sex workers.

Mr Tay said that cases like these have hit his takings in recent weeks.

"Business has gone down by about 20 per cent and I feel that men are now more scared to date escorts."

The manager of another agency, Urs Truly Escorts, had a similar lament after seeing a 15 per cent drop in business.

The bubbly young woman, who wanted to be known only as Crystal, said: "I am running a legitimate business that has suffered recently because some people chose to break the law."

Even though it is an offence in Singapore to have commercial sex with anyone below 18 years old, Mr Tay said he has received calls from men who specifically wanted underage girls.

"I ignore such calls which I receive once every few months.

"From what I know, some men are willing to pay a premium for underage girls.

But they will not find such girls working for me.

"Most of the clients prefer the young ones who are about 18 or 19 years old. Some of the men feel that a girl is already 'old' the moment she reaches 25," he said.

Crystal said that she has also received calls from men who want underage girls.

"I received calls from men who wanted girls who are 14 and 16 years old. I just ignore such requests.

"I guess some men prefer younger girls as they like their 'youthful energy'," she said.

Crystal said that all the girls in her agency are at least 21 years old.

"I feel that girls are more mentally mature at this age and can look after themselves better.

"The girls' ICs are carefully checked before we sign them up and we even take photographs of their ICs, just in case."

Another social escort agency owner, who declined to be named, said that he is just as strict when employing new escorts.

He said he has received calls from men who specifically wanted virgins.

"These guys told me that they were willing to pay up to $1,000 for an hour to deflower one.

"I just tell them I did not have what they were looking for."Photobucket


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