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Monday, April 23, 2012

AdilanClub: 'I work hard for my money' - actress accused of being Minister's RM1.5mil mistress

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:17 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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As the clock ticks down on a 7-day deadline, popular Malaysian actress Zahida Rafik has dismissed allegations that she received RM1.5 million from an Umno minister with whom she is said to be in an "intimate relationship".

She plans to take legal action against her accusers.

Last week, PKR MP for Ampang Zuraida Kamaruddin and PKR MP for Subang Sivarasa Rasiah had told a press conference that the minister lavished RM1.5 million on the actress over a period of just 4 months.

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They urged the minister to come clean and account to the public on how he could afford such a lifestyle on his Cabinet pay. Otherwise, they would reveal his identity. Even though the PKR leaders have not revealed any names yet, the alleged affair has been an open secret for months, especially after the actress's driver lodged a police report exposing the duo.

The driver, Noor Azman Azemi, lodged the complaint on March 13, following an accusation by the actress that he had absconded with RM200,000of her company's funds. He claimed that the Umno minister, who hired him, had an "intimate relationship" with Zahida spanning three years.

Afraid of reprisals, a relative of the driver then sought Zuraida's help and gave her a copy of the report. In the police report, the driver called himself the "trusted middleman" who helped channel the funds into the personal account of the actress.

Let Allah be my judge

Asked about the matter by her fans on Twitter (zahida_rafik), Zahida said: "I haven't been doing nothing about it. My lawyers are settling the matter right now actually! So let them, okay! Wait for the good news, okay!"

Her "relationship" with the minister has been doing the rounds of the entertainment industry for years, but Zahida has always maintained her innocence.

Responding to numerous hostile tweets, she said that "only God knows her real story and all others should not speculate".

"Excuse me, I work hard for the money. If you have no money, I can donate a bit."

"It's okay, Allah knows the truth... You are jealous... I'm just going to smile because Allah and I know the truth."

Driver ran away with money

In the police report, which was distributed to the press by Zuraida, Noor Azman claimed that the amounts received by the actress included RM58,000 last October, RM112,000 in November, RM330,000 in December, and RM510,000this January.

Weekly meetings He also claimed that the minister had told him to keep tabs on the actress and that he had weekly meetings with the actress in Kuala Lumpur hotels.

At every meeting, the minister would hand over RM100,000 to RM200,000, and Noor Azman would accompany the actress to credit it into her bank account in Menara Perkeso, Jalan Ampang, the driver alleged in the report.

But Zahida is alleging that Noor Aman had run away with RM200,000 of her company's funds and lodged a police report on the matter last month.

The police are investigating her claims, the report added.


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