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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AdilanClub: 'Let's go to your flat now for sex'

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:51 AM | Best Blogger Tips

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AdilanClub:Breaking news, is the best for news

The posting went up on Wednesday.

Four men were keen to meet between Friday and Saturday.

Some wanted a lunch-time romp, including a man who told me online that he is 34.

He was keen to meet within seconds into the online chat on Thursday, asking: "So any deal for me?"

When I asked what sort of deal he was looking for, he said: "Everything can be discuss (sic).

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Depend what u offer and what (is) your price. What r u willing? Tell me pls."

He was quick to agree to $300 an hour and asked me to buy the condoms, for which he would pay me later.

This eager beaver repeatedly asked to meet later that Thursday evening, even when I claimed that I had evening classes.

I had told him I am a first-year polytechnic student.

He asked for my bust size and waist, saying that he was curious.

Then he asked if I could skip classes for him that evening.

I declined.

But he persisted in wanting to meet that evening and offered me more money.

When I insisted that I couldn't make it, we agreed to meet at noon on Friday in Toa Payoh.

When he turned up at noon, The New Paper on Sunday team was already in position.

In the interest of authenticity, a girl who can pass off as being in her late teens was waiting for him on a bench.

Wearing a polo shirt and jeans and holding a canned drink, the man didn't approach her directly.

Instead, he waited about 30m away and scanned the area before moving in from behind the bench and surprising the girl.

He sat down on the other side of the bench, introduced himself with a smile and offered his hand.

There was little banter. He was keen to go to her flat.

His body language betrayed his tenseness, as if he was worried about being seen with her in public.

He cast furtive glances at the surroundings.

He curled and stretched his fingers as he spoke.

After about 30 seconds, he asked if they could go upstairs to her flat.

The TNPS team moved in and the girl walked away.

Stunned by the sudden intrusion, the man stumbled over his words.

He denied meeting the girl for sex, changed tact and said he thought she was of legal age.

After a while, he gave up trying to deny it.

He admitted to being married, but said he had met three women in their 20s for sex last year.

He claimed he was going to check the girl's identity card, but was under the impression she was above 18.

But during our online chat, I only told him I am "18 this year". He did not ask if I had already turned 18.

And while he mentioned the "underage paid sex" court case, in which 48 have been charged so far, he also said that he likes young girls.

He had even asked me: "If I like u, can u be my regular?"

When the TNPS team asked the man why he would risk having commercial sex with an underage girl, he denied that he was going to do it.

He insisted again that he was going to ask for proof of age.

When the team told him he could leave, he asked if TNPS was doing this as part of a survey before walking off without a backward glance.  




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