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Saturday, April 14, 2012

AdilanClub : Living hell of blinded mum whose evil boyfriend gouged her eyes out

Sulaiman Kamal | 8:10 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Robbed of sight ... Tina Nash

A MUM left blind when her evil boyfriend gouged her eyes out told yesterday how the attack destroyed her life, saying: “I feel like I’m buried alive.”

Pretty Tina Nash spoke out after monster Shane Jenkin appeared in court to admit causing grievous bodily harm.

Mum-of-two Tina, 32, said: “I feel like a ghost. I can hear everyone around me but I can’t even see my own hand in front of my face.

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“When I hear my kids I can’t see their faces and that’s what does it to me — I’m never going to see my kids’ faces again.

“I just miss the world. I miss my kids’ faces, I miss everything.

“I’ve got nothing now. I like sleeping because when I’m asleep that’s when I’m dreaming.

“When I wake up it’s like, ‘Not a day of this again’. My confidence has gone. I feel like I’ve been buried alive.”

Guilty ... Shane Jenkin

Tina suffered a catalogue of sickening injuries including a broken jaw as Jenkin held her prisoner and beat her relentlessly at her home in Hayle, Cornwall.

Twisted Jenkin even tried to suffocate Tina as she fought for her life during a 12-hour nightmare.

He then blamed her for the attack, telling her: “It’s all your fault.”

The assault was so savage surgeons were forced to remove Tina’s left eye.

Doctors fought to save her right eye, but were unable to prevent her going blind.

Tina, who has sons aged four and 14, added: “I feel that if my kids weren’t in the house that night, I actually wished that I wasn’t still here. I’d rather not be here like this. This isn’t me.” Incredibly, Tina found the courage to face her attacker at Truro Crown Court yesterday.

Cowardly Jenkin, 33, pleaded guilty after the original charge of attempted murder was reduced to GBH. He was remanded in custody until he is sentenced next month.

Tina said after the hearing: “I hope he has nightmares every night for what he’s done.”

Happy ... Tina Nash before brutal attack 

Reliving her ordeal, she also told of her horror that Jenkin was the last person she ever saw. Tina said: “I hope he doesn’t get a buzz from that. I do wonder if he’s bragging about it — ‘I’m the last person she ever saw’.” Tina also revealed Jenkin had attacked her before — but she helped him stay out of trouble.

She said: “I thought I could change him and help him. I thought he was going to get better and sort his life out.”

Tina warned other women suffering domestic abuse: “You should get out before it’s too late. It isn’t going to get better, it’s going to get worse.”

Police paid tribute to Tina’s courage. Det Insp Chris Strickland said outside court: “For us she has been an inspiration.

“She’s pleased that Jenkin pleaded guilty and she doesn’t have to go through a trial.”

Jenkin — who has the word “Outlaw” tattooed on his forearm — had previously tried to gouge out a man’s eyes during a pub brawl in Penzance, it emerged last night.

A barman, who asked not to be named, said: “What he did to Tina he tried to do to other people.

“I know someone Jenkin had a fight with and tried to do that to — but this guy was 6ft 4in and could defend himself.

“Other people have had run-ins with him too, and I’d say he is a nasty piece of work.”

Jenkin was serving a five-year ban from local pubs for violent incidents, including punching a policeman.


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