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Monday, April 2, 2012

My mission twinpossible. Babies survive in mum's 2 separate wombs

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:40 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Double delight ... Danielle Young with twins Joshua and Leah

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Specialists warned her to prepare for miscarriages, and she was scanned weekly to check the health of the unborn twins.

But at six months she went into premature labour.

The twins were delivered by emergency Caesarean — son Joshua weighing 2lb 6oz and daughter Leah just 2lb 2oz.

After months in hospital they were allowed home.

And they have recently celebrated their fourth birthday and are thriving.

Full-time mum Danielle, 29, of Bridgwater, Somerset, recalled her joy after the birth.

She said: "I was wheeled down to see them and they were so tiny lying there in their incubators.

"They really astounded doctors with their progress.

"Leah was such a fighter. Even though she was the smaller of the two she was the first to feed and she was able to breathe on her own before Joshua."

Danielle said when it was first revealed she was expecting no one could explain how she had fallen pregnant in one of the wombs because of the blocked tube.

Mission twinpossible ... Danielle's scan showed babies in two wombs

She added: "They could see there were two babies in my two wombs and they were both alive.

"The doctors were baffled. They couldn't even guarantee that they had been conceived at the same time.

"I may have fallen pregnant twice, two weeks apart."

Danielle had become pregnant just five months after giving birth to first daughter Paige at the same hospital — St Michael's in Bristol.

Doctors had described that as a million-to-one miracle.

Danielle's rare condition also means she has a double cervix and a double vagina.

She was told she could not fall pregnant naturally and needed IVF and was put on a treatment waiting list in 2006.

But soon after she started to feel sick. Her plumber husband Richard, 39, persuaded her to do a pregnancy test and they discovered that she had conceived without help.

Research shows fewer than 100 women worldwide have fallen pregnant with twins in separate wombs.

Doctors put the odds at 5 million-to-one.

Obstetrics professor Andrew Shennan, from King's College Hospital in London, said: "An obstetrician will see a case like this once in a lifetime.

"The egg must have come down the fallopian tube that doctors thought was previously blocked. It is extremely unusual."

Danielle said of her kids: "People think they are triplets because they are so close in age.

"When I look at them I know that miracles really do happen."

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