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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tsunami 'ghost ship' sunk after year adrift

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:54 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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On fire ... US coast guard blasts Japanese boat
A JAPANESE 'ghost ship' cast adrift in the country’s devastating tsunami last year has finally been sunk.

The US Coast Guard fired on the boat with its high-powered cannon after it drifted into Alaskan waters.

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It had been more than a year since the deserted trawler was swept out to sea as thousands lost their lives in the disaster.

The coast guard said it was a shipping hazard and contacted the owners through Japanese authorities. But they said they did not want it back.

The Ryou-Un Maru had first been spotted off the coast of Canada on March 24 having drifted thousands of miles across the Pacific after the tsunami struck on March 11 last year.

A Canadian crew had tried to save it but on closer inspection abandoned the idea.

Video: Coast Guard sink 'ghost ship'
US Coast Guard use cannons to sink crewless victim of Japanese tsunami

It now lies on the sea bed 6,000ft beneath the surface having been fired upon 180 miles off the Alaskan coast. It caught fire after volleys of 25mm explosive rounds hit the vessel and it began listing.

Sinking ... Ryou-Un Maru
Alaska Coast Guard spokeswoman Sara Francis said: “It’s between 150 and 200ft long, it’s unmanned and unlit and adrift.

“In the dark, it presents a significant danger to other vessels transiting that area.”

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