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Friday, May 18, 2012

AdilanClub: Netizens slam Ferrari driver as 'spoilt brat'

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:26 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

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BEIJING - The Chinese national behind a deadly Ferrari crash in Singapore has drawn the ire of his countrymen, with netizens here slamming the dead man as a spoilt, rich brat and a disgrace to China.

Mr Ma Chi, 31, was widely condemned online as a lawless member of the fu er dai (rich second generation), a derogatory term used to describe those who have done little to earn their inherited riches and flaunt their wealth with impunity.

>Link Info : General Issues - Spoilt Brat

The cyber community here was alerted to the horrific tragedy after at least 10 news websites carried photographs and articles on Tuesday.

In the accident last Saturday morning, Mr Ma's million-dollar sports car collided with a taxi, which then hit a motorcycle. Mr Ma died at the scene. Cabby Cheng Teck Hock and his passenger Shigemi Ito died in hospital.

Most netizens had little sympathy for the financial adviser from Sichuan, who was applying for permanent residency in Singapore. Little is known about Mr Ma's family background.

'Such young tycoons have done so much damage, and they are still so full of themselves when overseas. It is a real disgrace to us Chinese,' wrote Mr Fei Yuanqi on the popular QQ.com website.

Another netizen Zhang Qianye said: 'China's tycoons, the world's nuisance.'

Many pointed out that Mr Ma's behaviour suggests that rich Chinese assume that the way things work in China would be replicated overseas. In short, their wealth and connections would allow them to do as they please, which usually includes ignoring the law or bribing their way out of trouble.

'Singapore is a country which is really ruled by law. It is not like ours, which is ruled by men. When the American boy broke Singapore's law years ago, he was still caned according to the country's laws even after (then) United States President Bill Clinton pleaded on his behalf,' said an unnamed netizen on the nationalist Global Times website, referring to the famous Michael Fay incident in 1994.

Others pointed out that Chinese nationals have problems not just in Singapore. Mainlanders who drive in Hong Kong have raised the hackles of the local people, blogger Han Yuting said, adding: 'Our traffic rules and driving standards could be the worst in the world.'

Since the accident, hundreds of Singaporeans have also lambasted Mr Ma at online forums, largely for his wealth.

Some pointed to other recent accidents in Singapore caused by Chinese nationals. In March, a 30-year-old Chinese national allegedly hijacked a taxi that hit and killed a 34-year-old cleaner.

Typical of the humour commonly seen on China's Web, many netizens urged Singapore to take in more of such rich, spoilt Chinese so they would leave China.

But a minority defended Mr Ma online, including a poster on blogging site Sina Weibo who said he was a self-made man.

Others criticised Singaporeans' outrage, saying it reveals the latent discrimination towards mainland Chinese.

'Singaporeans have been displeased with Chinese immigrants snatching their rice bowls, raising prices of products... this car crash made the situation even more intolerable for the locals, and anti-Chinese emotions are escalating,' said a comment on KDNet.


'Such young tycoons have done so much damage, and they are still so full of themselves when overseas. It is a real disgrace to us Chinese.'

- Netizen Fei Yuanqi, posting on the QQ.com website in criticism of Ferrari driver Ma Chi, who was cremated at Mount Vernon.

I went to check online. Weibo also got a lot of posts.

One of the posters said that because of the event PRCs are going to get blamed for some time, but he also wants to scold the driver for drink driving.

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