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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AdilanClub: We have failed the next Generation with our past apathy: WE MUST WALK NOW!

Sulaiman Kamal | 10:16 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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I can't help but feel guilty when Bersih co-chief Ambiga Sreenevasan in her recent interview said that the youths have awakened and are fighting for their rights but we have failed them. Her words "My generation - I'm 55 now - has failed the next generation, we didn't fight enough during our time when abuses were taking place and when we were losing our rights."

Yes, those words ring true. How much better can it be said? Indeed, we the older generation have not done enough when the Barisan Nasional was rotting the country with corruption and abusing every law in the book as if it was their absolute right to govern this country. Just look at the massive corruption' of the Ministers and their little Napoleons, such as the KL Mayor Ahmad Fuad, who refused to allow the Bersih 3.0 rally to use the Dataran Merdeka as venue for their sit-in rally demanding free and fair elections.

>Link Info : General Issues - Politics - Bersih 3.0

What they have done

Putrajaya has become little more than a 'who's who list of who has more' - a list found in almost all the banks of the world right up to the Israeli National Bank with government leaders and politicians salting away illicit funds in secret overseas account to spend, spend and spend. We have a living Rajah who owns the entire state of Sarawak, stashing billions in foreign lands when the genuine people of Sarawak suffer. Almost every Prime Minister after Bapak Malaysia has some secret to hide.

We even had a Prime Minister who morphed into a Malay bumiputra and bred a Malay Elite race within Umno at the expense of other races as well as the rural Malays. Everything that was done during his era began with a Capital 'M'. Mahathir Mohamad or  M O N E Y. And money was the in-word for cronies of the government, who in turn became an exclusive 'who's who list' of select firms privatizing Malaysia thanks to fat government contracts that benefited only themselves but not the people. No, it was the people who were forced to fork out toll and pay higher prices while the cronies appeared on Forbes list of the world's richest!

And, we the older generation let them steal from our children

What did we the older generation do? Nothing, we just sat and whined even though we knew they were parasites on our skin. We did not care for the next generation, we let almost every corruption take place until even the Judiciary was rampant with judge-fixing cases.

Ten years ago, we had the chance to change the Government, but we didn't care for the next generation. We let the government rape us time and again until kingdom come, so much so now they torment us with stick and stones and try to break every bone in our bodies to stay in power.

We must walk now, there's no time to lose

Are we not going to care for the next generation, now? Before it is too late, we must act. We the older generation have to walk now for Bersih 3.0 to care for the new generation which we have neglected for so long. We have to teach the new generation to fight for their birthrights even if all the bones in our bodies are broken.

We must walk for true Democracy, we must walk to correct a recalcitrant government. We must walk for CHANGE.

The lockdown of Dataran Merdeka has started and the next 48 hours we have to muster all our resources to take us to the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka and walk amidst the tear gas and chemical laced water sprayed from water canons, because this Government is resorting to third world mentality to torment its people. Must we be scared "No" why ? we must not fail our next generation. JOM BERSIH

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