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Sunday, June 3, 2012

AdilanClub: MOST BEAUTIFUL: S'pore women ranked 4th - sure or not?

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:22 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which cities have the most beautiful women of them all?

Well, surprise, surprise - Singapore is among the top 10 places "to find hot babes", said travel writer Ken Hegan.

"Sleek, sweet and sophisticated, Singapore women speak Singlish, a charming mash-up of Singaporean and English. You can't beat a language that starts with sin and goes from there.

>Link Info : General Issues - Mirror on the wall

"Plus Singapore weather is fantastic (average temperature is 25-31 deg C), so women rock a range of stylish summer dresses, capped by long cascading hair that flows over their shoulders like the waves on Siloso Beach," said Mr Hegan in an article he wrote for web portal Canada MSN Travel.

While he said there are hot women in every city on the planet and that beauty is subjective, Mr Hegan said some cities "rank consistently" higher than others.

But some netizens begged to differ.

Said Hardware Zone user tansux: "Fake result; if it's true, how come never even reach top three in Miss World or Universe?"

Self-employed blogger Tang Li, 38, told The New Paper that the Singapore woman thinks "she's independent and intelligent, but is a material cow at heart".

He said: "I think the women of Mumbai and Beijing are better looking."

But some foreigners The New Paper spoke to said they did not have a problem with Singapore women ranked high for beauty.

Singlish a problem

But they said Singlish left a sour aftertaste.

"Singapore women are beautiful because they are slim and the ethnic diversity here has given rise to a diverse ethnic gene pool; Singapore women are very educated," said an engineer who gave his name as Taylor. The 27-year-old American has lived here for two years.

One of the reasons Singapore has so many beautiful women is that the Republic is an international city.

"There's a lot of variety and choice here," said senior art director Prentice Mathew, 27, who has been here for four months.

Marketing manager Jean Arnaud, 28, who has lived here for 12 years, added: "Singapore women maintain themselves very well. They have a good sense of style."

But none found Singlish charming.

"I find it a bit annoying that lah, loh, meh have to be added at the end of every sentence," said Mr Mathew.

Foreigners seem to appreciate Singapore women. So why the negative comments from Singaporeans? We asked National University of Singapore sociologist Tan Ern Ser.

He cautioned that such remarks are not representative of all Singaporeans.

Associate Professor Tan said: "We shouldn't jump to any conclusion. It could be that only people with strong views or perhaps with badexperience with women are likely to pose their negative comments on social media."

While Singaporeans impose high standards on ourselves, something which Prof Tan attributes to socialisation, "in practice, people are more reasonable and realistic when seeking a mate", he said.

Public relations director Glenn Lim, 31, said the article is written tongue in cheek, and "not meant to be taken seriously".

Likewise, the negative comments in the forum should be "taken with a pinch of salt" since the article was meant to be light-hearted in the first place.

But he added: "Familiarity breeds contempt.

"It's the same way Singapore women see Singapore men - boring, chauvinistic - and when we repeat something often enough, we see just the flaws.

"But to an outsider, Singapore women (and men) are attractive."

Top 10 cities to find hot babes (according to Mr Ken Hagen)

Melbourne, Australia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amsterdam, Holland


Reykjavik, Iceland

Vancouver, Canada

Barcelona, Spain

New York, US

Tel Aviv, Israel

Buenos Aires, Argentina



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