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Saturday, September 22, 2012

AdilanClub: Prosecution to pursue 1 out of 10 charges against ex-SCDF chief

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:32 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE - Former Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) chief Peter Lim Sin Pang will be defending himself against only one out of the 10 corruption charges tendered against him.

The prosecution has decided to proceed with one charge of him obtaining sex from Nimrod Engineering's Pang Chor Mui in exchange for tenders on IT-related contracts.

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The nine other charges will be stood down for now, The Straits Times reported. This was revealed by Lim's lawyers after a pre-trial conference with the prosecution on Friday.

Lim, who has indicated that he wishes to claim trial, will likely face the court in January next year, his lawyers said.

The 52-year-old is embroiled in the high-profile sex-for-business case involving two public servants and four women.

He was charged with corruptly obtaining sexual gratification from two female vendors and one potential female vendor to the SCDF in return for tenders on IT-related contracts.

The other two women besides Pang are Lee Wei Hoon, a director at Singapore Radiation Centre, and Esther Goh Tok Mui, a business development director at NCS Private Limited.

The trysts allegedly occurred over 10 occasions that took place between May 2010 and November 2011.

The other civil servant involved is former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay, who stands accused of receiving sexual gratification from Cecilia Sue Siew Nang in return for "furthering the business interests" of the companies she was working for.

Ng's trial is to start on Tuesday.


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