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Friday, October 19, 2012

AdilanClub: Malaysian women are sexually repressed, claims sex blogger

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:50 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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JOHOR BARU, Oct 19 — Malaysian women are still afraid to open up with their sexuality, sometimes even covering up the fact that they are having sex, says Vivian Lee, who is at the centre of a sex blog controversy.

Despite her bravado in revealing her sex life in the “Sumptuous Erotica” blog, Lee confessed that she was brought in up in a slightly conservative family, unlike her partner, National University of Singapore (NUS) law student Alvin Tan.

“They don’t want to be labelled, and perceived as sluts,” the 23-year-old woman told The Malaysian Insider. 

“There is nothing wrong with sex.”

“I have always been different,” the Johor Baru native said. “My family don’t get me,” 

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She also insisted that despite the attention received by her family, her mother had never demanded that she break off her relationship with the 24-year-old Tan, as reported in some Chinese press. “It is not true, my mom didn’t say that,” she explained.

Their blog has since been taken down by the pair, leaving only an archived page with thumbnails of their previous posts dating from September 20 up until October 15, but photographs and videos from the blog have since been circulated by exposé site Gutter Uncensored.

The marketing major graduate from Multimedia University (MMU) in Malacca was baffled by the attention that they have achieved from their obscure blog. Lee deactivated her Facebook profile after receiving too much friend requests, but it is now back up, together with Tan’s which was never down.

Lee revealed that they were first acquainted through chatting on Facebook. “He’s an interesting guy. He’s intelligent, funny, and smart.”

The couple later started by posting censored nude photos on Tan’s profile on the social network, but decided to take a more public forum due to content restriction rules on Facebook. 

According to Lee, she didn’t hesitate at all when Tan suggested opening their sex blog, and soon they were getting many hits, mostly from the United States and overseas.

In their sex blog, Lee and Tan shared sexually explicit photographs and videos depicting the couple in various states of undress and sex acts, all of them taken in various places in Malaysia. The images vary from artistic portraits of the couple, to close-up shots of their genitalia.

“We took each other’s photos,” Lee said.

Three videos shared on the Sumptuous Erotica blog included what was described by them as their “first pornographic video.” According to them, the six-minute video was “shot and edited within an hour and written based on an intriguing theme.”

The role-playing video depicts the couple in a rape fantasy situation, where Lee is “attacked” on her bed by an intruder. “It was Alvin’s idea; he thought it was different from all the other porn videos around.”

Asked if the video condones rape and misogyny in any way, Lee replied: “I’m not advocating or promoting rape, the video wasn’t meant to be taken that seriously.”

“Our rape fantasy was consensual thing... I don’t feel degraded, since we were just acting. It’s just like any other actors in a TV drama,” she added, saying that rape victims should never be scared to report their attackers so that they will receive just punishment.

Another video, which was taken from Tan’s perspective, shows Lee performing oral sex on her partner. The third video is an eight-minute third-person view of the couple having “hot sex in Kuala Lumpur.”

Despite negative comments on her appearance, Lee said she was comfortable with her body, as was Tan.

“I don’t feel insecure about myself,” she said, when asked on how she got her confidence. “It’s an inborn thing.”

While the blog has been taken down, Lee thought that the episode may inspire more Malaysians to be open with their sexuality.

“Be yourself,” she advised other sexually-active Malaysian women.

Lee is currently looking for job which matches her interests in design and art, while a NUS spokesperson confirmed yesterday that Tan will be investigated by the university’s board of discipline.



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