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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AdilanClub: WHAT A JOKE: Ibrahim Ali 'hoping' to replace Nik Aziz as the next Kelantan chief minister?

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:21 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader of PAS is still relevant as MB (Menteri Besar) of Kelantan. He still has the political stamina to move on despite his old age. Nik Aziz is now 81 years old – the oldest politician to hold a government post in the country.

Even at this age his mind is still alert and he has the forte to govern the state despite all the needless blitzkriegs by UMNO against him and his administration.

Nevertheless, with or without Nik Aziz Nik Mat, political analysts opine that Kelantan will remain under PAS for many more years to come. Nik Aziz is a religio-charismatic leader who is well-liked by Muslims and non-Muslims. This man is seen as an exemplary Islamic leader who lives a simple life, unlike many of the shady characters in UMNO..

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Do not bicker over religion

The rakyat of Kelantan prize leaders who have religious piety in them and UMNO finds it almost impossible to compete with PAS on this ground. Most UMNO leaders are perceived by the rakyat as corrupt, inept and arrogant.

Kelantan is becoming more resilient after the 2008 general election. The economy is fine and the people of Kelantan live a harmonious life. They do not bicker over religion or race despite that fact that the rakyat are 95 percent Malay-Muslims and the rest non-Muslims.

It is the relative success of PAS in Kelantan that has helped convince non-Muslims in other states to accept PAS and Pakatan as an alternative for Barisan.

Nik Aziz will be contesting in the next general election and he will continue to lead Kelantan. There is no reason why Nik Aziz must give up politics as his leadership is still needed and relevant to the rakyat of Kelantan and the country in general.

The non-Muslims have no qualms whatsoever about voting for him and PAS. Cheers to Nik Aziz and his brand of moderate Islam.

His unpretentiousness in leadership

Kelantan has been under PAS for the past 22 years after winning the general election in 1990 when PAS together with Semangat 46, Berjasa and Hamin drubbed UMNO-led Barisan 39 – 0 at the state level.  Nik Aziz will again lead PAS into the 13th general election to be held any time before April next year.

According to political analysts, Kelantan will see PAS emerge victorious in the state again.

Nik Aziz reminds the rakyat of the late Mahatma Gandhi who refused to accept any political post after India gained Independence in 1947. Nik Aziz in fact refused to be appointed the MB of Kelantan after the major victory of PAS and its allies in 1990.

He wanted any other suitable candidate form PAS to lead. This reflects on his unpretentiousness in leadership and politicking.

From a reluctant- to-become MB politician, Nik Aziz has become one of the most respected leaders in the country today. The attribute that best describes this man is he a clean leader. Under his leadership, Kelantan has become one of the least-corrupt states in the country.

Beyond that, the state has survived economically despite all the obstacles and constraints intentionally created by UMNO to trounce the Kelantan government.

It will not rot easily

Kelantan is relatively poor, no doubt. This is partly due to UMNO’s lackadaisical attitude towards this state which has been under PAS rule for many terms. UMNO controls the federal funds and policies and Kelantan has always been differentiated against.

Despite this exertion and depriving the state of oil royalty by the UMNO-led federal government, the 2011 Audit General Report has this to say about Kelantan’s financial position, as at 31 December 2011:

There was an increase in the Consolidated Fund by RM86.17 million or 58 percent to RM234.47 million as compared to RM148.30 million in 2010. The cash balance decreased from RM131.97 million in 2010 to RM123.14 million in 2011. Investments in 2011 increased by RM95 million from RM16.33 million in 2010 to RM111.33 million in 2011.

The overall Financial Performance Statement of the State Government whereby revenue as compared to total management and development expenditures for year 2011 recorded an increase from total deficit of RM171.70 million in 2010 to RM141.53 million in 2011

Of course, there is a lot more to be done in Kelantan. Poverty has to be reduced, there has to be more job opportunities for the people and the economy has to improve to generate more income for the state. There are also some social issues that require the attention of state policy makers.

PAS is ostensibly determined to tackle these problems with Nik Aziz at the helm supported by many young, honest and capable professionals within the party.

When the head is a God-fearing leader, it will not rot easily. For this reason, Kelantan needs a leader the calibre of Nik Aziz to lead the state. This is not to say that there are no other capable leaders to replace him.

There are other competent leaders within the party rank no doubt but Nik Aziz is still the choice of the rakyat in Kelantan.

Ibrahim Ali

Ibrahim Ali – the Perkasa chief – is playing kid-politics calling Nik Aziz to quit. Ibrahim discerns that with or without Nik Aziz Kelantan cannot fall to Barisan in the next general election. The people of Kelantan will still give PAS the mandate to rule the state.

Ibrahim was first elected as MP (Member of Parliament) for the Pasir Mas seat, Kelantan in the 1986 election under UMNO ticket.  He later held the seat for Semangat 46 before losing the seat and re-contesting it as an independent candidate in the 2004 election.

In the 2008 election, Ibrahim stood as candidate under PAS ticket and won the seat. However, Ibrahim subsequently deserted PAS and became an UMNO-friendly independent MP. He is known to have changed party allegiances a few times in the past.

After deserting PAS he founded Perkasa as a Malay rights interest group – a platform many believe is used as a stepping stone for him to return to UMNO. His hard-hitting stance against the economic policies that he feels did not favour the Malays is to show UMNO that he is still relevant to the party.

According to political observers he had all his plans set up even before wooing PAS to allow him to contest the Pasir Mas seat.  PAS was too na├»ve and fell into Ibrahim’s trap.  This has hurt PAS and also incurred the wrath of voters in Pasir Mas and Kelantan in general.

Ibrahim will not be forgiven by the people of Kelantan for his stage act and for betraying PAS.

Perkasa in only a strategic platform

According to political analysts, Perkasa is only Ibrahim’s strategic platform to achieve higher ambitions within UMNO. Perkasa has been made the leg for his own selfish gains. The followers of Perkasa – almost all of whom are UMNO discards – must still be blind to this Machiavellian scheme of Ibrahim.

Ibrahim’s stance in Perkasa is all about getting himself back into UMNO and be made a candidate in the next general election. He knows that he can never win any seat he contests in Kelantan as an independent.

He definitely cannot crawl back to PAS for a second time to plead for another chance.

Ibrahim is thus “conspiratorial” in using Perkasa to sway UMNO leadership with his “ultra-Malay” stand. He could even dupe Mahathir into believing his struggle for the Malays. He is actually trying to portray himself as a worthy and credible politician that can be of help to UMNO in denting PAS in Kelantan.

He has even been accused of trying to be in the good book of unpopular Rosmah Mansor, the prime minister’s wife.

Ibrahim has not given up as he still aspires to become a candidate in the next general election and this time around under UMNO ticket. If given the green light by UMNO and he wins – which is very unlikely though – Perkasa and its members will most likely be gradually phased out like how he deserted PAS at one time.

To Ibrahim it’s the end that justifies the means.

Averse to political frogs

But it’s not going to be plain sailing for this politician Even if he contests under UMNO ticket he is not going to win Pasir Mas or any other seats in Kelantan. If UMNO still wants Ibrahim to contest a seat under the party he will most likely become a “parachute candidate” in another state.

But this is very unlikely to happen.

If UMNO rejects him he may contest as an Independent but he still can never win any seat he contests in Kelantan. The people of Kelantan are averse to political frogs. If he fails all together, he may get back to Perkasa to fight for his cause or quit politics for good.

Stint as MP will end soon

In short, Ibrahim’s stint as MP will end soon. Even for all his ferocious speeches condemning PAS and the Opposition all this while it’s very unlikely that he will be rewarded by UMNO.  Why must UMNO bet on a sure-to-lose horse?

The 13th general election will see Nik Aziz defending his Cempaka seat and he will win hands down.  This may not be the case with Ibrahim in Pasir Mas. Ibrahim will fail if he again contests in Pasir Mas – as an independent or under UMNO ticket.

Nik Aziz has now become a very senior politician in Malaysian politics after starting his political career in 1967. He has become the MB of Kelantan since 1990. He has endeared himself to the majority Muslims in the state and also the non-Muslims by his gentle ways.

Those who betray his leadership are seen by the rakyat of Kelantan as those who lack religious piety.

Nik Aziz and PAS will thus triumph in Kelantan in the 13th general election. As for the fate of Ibrahim, almost everyone can predict the outcome. His stint as MP is coming to an end and he will never be elected again by voters in Kelantan for becoming a deserter and a political frog.

Ibrahim will go pear-shaped

Ibrahim’s political fate is already sealed. All his ferocious antics and rhetoric under a noisy Perkasa that was purposefully set up as a stage to achieving his personal ambition and impressing UMNO are not going to work for him.

The best he has done is to alienate the Malays and non-Malays from UMNO and Barisan. In fact, Ibrahim has become more of a liability to UMNO and Barisan than an asset.

Kelantan has not backslid under PAS and there is no reason for Nik Aziz to back out from politics.  The next general election will still see Nik Aziz triumph but Ibrahim will go pear-shaped.



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