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Thursday, November 22, 2012

AdilanClub: Teen threatens mum after lovechild with stepdad

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A teenager in China has given birth to her own sister, a child fathered by her stepdad, who she ran away with when she was just 14 and he was 34. The now-16-year-old girl has also texted her mum to divorce her stepdad, threatening to take her to court if she refuses to let him go.

To complicate matters, her mum and her stepdad, now 36, also had a baby when they were together, which means that he's the father of his son and of his own granddaughter.

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The drama blew up in April when Fangting from Ganzhou of Jiangxi province sent a text message to her mum Huang Changhong saying, "I am now the wife of [stepdad] Liu Guochang. We have been together for two years and we have a daughter. Please divorce him. I will bring the case to court if you don't."

The shocking phone message was the first news of any kind that Huang had heard from her daughter since Fangting and Liu ran off together.

Huang apparently knew about their incestuous affair when she found out a love letter that her daughter had written to her husband in 2009. Angry and ashamed, she sent Fangting to live with her grandparents, under the excuse that she couldn't take care of the child, as she had to work in another city.

However, Liu would secretly bring his stepdaughter back to his place on the weekends and they eventually started a sexual relationship. A year later, Liu and Fangting ran away and the teenager gave birth to their child last year.

In her message to her mum, Fangting begged her, "I have no father. I don't want my child to be like me." Liu also sent Huang a text message congratulating her of becoming a grandmother. That was enough to send Huang straight to the police station where she lodged a report against her husband.

Liu was finally arrested in May, and although his stepchild pleaded with the judge that they were in love and their sexual affair happened with her consent, China's laws consider sex with a child under 14 as statutory rape. Liu was subsequently sentenced to 11 years in prison last week, although he has filed an appeal.

Huang now says she will consider divorcing her husband only when her daughter is married into a good family. Fangting is Huang's daughter from her first marriage. Huang divorced Fangting's father after she was born in 1996 due to pressure from her mother-in-law who wanted grandsons.

Huang and Liu met and married 10 years later because Huang wanted to give Fangting a family. Meanwhile, Huang's son with Liu continues to live with her.


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