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Friday, June 3, 2011

Police force prisoners to kiss

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:05 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Police force prisoners to kiss
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Screenshots: Internet

A VIDEO circulating in a social networking site showed two male thieves in the Philippines being forced to kiss each other while locked up.

They were also beaten as blood is seen on their face and clothes.

According to an email sent to citizen journalism website, Stomp, James said: "These snatchers were caught and made to kiss each other during lock up."

He also expressed concern and said that it was "inhuman of them to do this to them".

In the video, authorities can be heard taunting and calling them names, while forcing the men to "do it right" or else they will be beaten.

The following is a translation of the video:

This one (points to middle guy) has a bad look in his eyes.
Do you want me to kick you? Huh? Huh? Do you want me to kick you?

(Background voice to guy in the left) You, you've already killed someone, right?

Main guy: Yeah, he's killed someone!

(To the middle guy): Hey, kiss that guy (the guy on the right). Because..he has kissable lips. Come on, kiss him! Hurry up!

(Guys kiss)

Do it right..not like that. It should be torrid. Come on hurry up, do it right..hurry up. Torrid. (Guys kiss)

SOB! Do it right! Torrid! Lap him up, you SOB. (they kiss again - middle guy trying to nibble right guy's lips)

You (right guy), move! (Middle guy nibbles again)

SOB, do it right. Is there someone there? Do it right. Do it right. Do it right. Stick out your tongue. Lap each other up. Go nearer, so it will be easier for the other one.

(Middle guy looks like he's puking)

Ok, game. (Guys kiss again) SOB, you don't want to do it right? I'm getting mad. Not like that. It's like you're just trying to peck at rice. (Middle guy is looking down) Do it right! Do it right, hurry, so that this will be over. (Middle guy kisses right guy again)

Lap him up. Stick out your tongue. Go, both of you stick out your tongues.

(Middle guy looks down again)

SOB, you're not going to do it right? Do it right. (Kisses again) (Pukes)

When I say it's enough...Don't puke there, I'll beat you up. (Wipes face on shirt). Do it right, hurry. (Keeps wiping face, while right guy looks on)

Do it right! Hurry! SOB, do it right! Face front. Come on, do it right, so you can be done sooner.

(Kisses again) Tongue out, you SOBs.

(Nibbles, sticks out tongue)

(Middle guy stops, wipes lips on t-shirt)

Background voice: Tsk, he really doesn't want to.

Main guy: You want me to slap the two of you? (Middle guy kisses right guy again, with tongue). Is that what you get to watch on CDs? Do it like the ones you see on CDs. Do it right, you SOB!

(Middle guy barfs)

So, you don't want to do what I say? Huh? You don't want to do what I say?

(Middle guy kisses right guy again)

Do it right. SOB. I don't like how you're kissing. Not like that. Go ahead, lap up his lips. Not like that, SOB, like you're eating his lips. Ok good, stick out your tongues. Suck his lips. Ok you, suck his tongue too. Do it right, you SOBs. (Middle guy barfs)

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