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Saturday, January 28, 2012

‘They made their parents lose face’

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:57 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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FROM the swing, to the slide, to a nearby bench.

Two students from Yuhua Secondary School gave new meaning to the word "playground".

But the "games" they were playing attracted disapproving stares from residents and one even posted photos of them online.

The incident took place at a playground at Jurong West Street 91, between Block 944 and 941, two weeks ago.

Madam M. H. Ong, 50, was walking home from work at about 4pm when she noticed the two students kissing at the playground.

The cleaner told The New Paper: "The playground is not very crowded and I've seen couples kissing and holding hands there before.

"But these two really went beyond that. The guy was groping the girl and I couldn't believe my eyes."
She went back to her flat, on the third floor of a nearby block.

There, she took photos of the students, showing them engaging in the intimate acts while sitting on the swing, slide and the bench.

Madam Ong, who has three daughters, aged 19 to 22, said the pair didn't stop till 21/2 hours later at 6.30pm.

During that time, another boy, who looked under 10 years old, had come to the playground.

Madam Ong said: "But he was distracted by their acts. He looked at them curiously.

"After a while, the boy walked away."

Madam Ong was disgusted with the students' behaviour and said that if they were her children, she would severely punish them.

She added: "They are causing their parents and their school to lose face."

The photos were posted on citizen journalism website Stomp, where they were viewed over 140,000 times and attracted about 60 comments as of Wednesday.

One netizen said: "The school should teach the student more about sex education to prevent anything from happening again."

Another, who claimed to be a former discipline counsellor, said: "Don't blame the teachers... blame the students... the discipline masters have done (their) very best to deal with this kind of matter."

Yuhua's vice-principal, Mr Jansen Joseph Marian, told TNP in an e-mail reply last Friday that the school was aware of the incident.

He said the school's management, together with the discipline master and the students' form teacher had met with the students.


He said: "Both students were counselled and they regretted their behaviour. Their parents have also been informed."

He added the school emphasised the importance of healthy friendships and responsible behaviour through the teaching of civics and moral education and the sexuality education programme.

He said: "The school will continue to emphasise these values to our students."

Child psychiatrist Brian Yeo, who has two teenage sons, told TNP he was surprised by the students' choice of time and place for their romp.

"It doesn't make sense why they chose to do the acts at a time that is bright and visible. "It suggests that they are not able to control themselves."

He added that counselling would be the most appropriate action in this case, to help the students understand that there are consequences to their actions.

"At their age, they should be focusing on their studies."

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