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Friday, September 16, 2011

Woman dies after being crushed by falling woman

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:44 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE - Not one, but two bodies were found at the foot of a block in Bishan St 13 in the freakiest of accidents that occurred on Monday.
It is believed that Madam Lau Fong Kien (left inset), 55, had been crushed by a falling woman, Madam Ng Sock Luan (right inset), 48, at the bottom of her block, reported The New Paper.
Madam Lau, who was diagnosed with stage-one breast cancer a few years ago, survived the disease but did not survive being crushed. It is believed that no one saw the incident.

At the bottom of the block, the two bodies were surrounded by blood and spilled rice.
Both died instantly at the foot of Block 179 at about 11am.
A member of the public had alerted police at about 11.20am when the two bodies were spotted. Paramedics arrived shortly after and pronounced Madam Lau dead at 11.35am, and Madam Ng at 11.38am.
Straits Times reported that Madam Ng and Madam Lau were neighbours who lived on the 11th and 15th floor respectively, but did not know each other.
According to the local newspaper, Madam Lau, a retiree, was on her way home from her weekly check-up at the Chinese Sinseh yesterday morning. She had bought lunch home for her mother from the nearby coffeeshop.
Part-time administrative officer, Madam Ng, on the hand, is believed to have jumped from the common corridor of the point block, but it is not known which floor she fell from, reported The New Paper.
Madam Ng had apparently been suffering from depression for the last two months and was on medication.
Her husband, Mr Ting Thiam Ho, 49, told the Straits Times that she would usually be supervised by him or their teenage children. However, she was left on her own for a few hours yesterday as her husband had an urgent meeting to attend to and the children were in school.
When Mr Ting returned home at about 3pm and discovered she was missing, he realised something could have gone wrong.
Police have classified both cases as unnatural death. Investigations are ongoing.

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